Glass test tubes without edge

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Standard sodium glass test tube without edge. Available in various sizes, including cork stoppers:

  • 13x30 [3ml]
  • 13x100 [10ml]
  • 16x100 [15ml]
  • 16x160 [20ml]
  • 18x180 [30ml]
  • 20x150 [30ml]
  • 20x180 [40ml]
  • 24x150 [45ml]
  • 30x200 [100ml]
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  • NO
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Standard sodium glass test tubes without edge for the widest use in laboratories of chemistry, biology, microbiology, industry, crafts and as teaching aids or for research purposes. You can use them for packaging, gifts or invitations, for testing samples, spices, vinegar, oil, food supplements and like as a "party tube" for beverages.

Plutovinasti zamašek je iz naravne sekane plute brez vsebnosti lepil, barvil ali topil.


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